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 It's not heartburn if the chunky texture of hummus and sesame sticks is perpetually in your throat.

After am reject letter from a show I went through the crap movie list I have saved that's grown over time. I had this movie on the bottom of the list I only saw clips of at a gym daycare.


I only remebered the Child's Play esque scenes and the shitty puppet, most of the other movies I saw as a kid were a bit too much so I figured watching it again after so long would be fun. It was kinda crappy with the movie trying to inject lame phycological thriller and tie in to child killers/developmental phycology stuff. Also the attorney in the movie was probably one of the worst ones I've ever scene. The only cool part was this guy in jail laughing at this really shitty recording of him butchering a butcher (pff). Also the 11 year old hugging the creepy puppet was fucking weird. Most normal 11 year olds would be like "Ew screw that wood ass creepy puppet.". Heck even though the dolls from childs play pre possession was a ittle eerie, but most dolls from that period were kinda weird looking to begin with. Puppets are just weird. I can't bash them too much since I have a bunch of sad clown porceline dolls on my shelf....

The crap movie wasn't really a distraction, but it was on the list. I was never one to bawl over reject latter, that's quitter behavior that should be gone by the time you hit 6. I app;ied to a bunch of shows before begining my MFA program to bulk up my resume and sell some stuff. Apparently online shows are a big thing, a bit unorthodox but I can't bitch about that. Quite a number of events have resulted in unorthodox ways ( most of my buyers are you guys, and other things that have happened which turned out better than I thought through online use). I got the go for two galleries, one got some special recognition from this art professor who's a big shot. His comment was amazing. You can read it here under my name LINDA. Got special recognition for a few peices, a little article, and (probably, i didn't hear anything recent) a little section in the local paper (i hope) so that's really neat.

The show will be up until the end of the month, and prices for the bigger peices are up if anyone's interested. Another show here at September 1st so check that out soon. Prices will be up for one peice however.

The reject came from some semi crappy art gallery in New York. One of my goals is to get at least a piece or two in NY for giggles (mostly to find where I belong, but let's go with the former). The gallery was kinda shitty from the last year competition with the classic smudge minimalistic crzp, and the only cool things being a painting of a statue of a pennywise-esque clown touching a kid and a painting that looked like a blurred picture. It wasn't the reject letter tha tbothered me, it was more of the fee I wouldn't get back. Cost 50 bucks just to be considered, but I wanted to try it out, and kinda learn from experience. Nothing is owed but shit, 50 bucks man. Not too much in teh long run right now, but I'm a cheap ass.

The store won't be updated with any new stuff for awhile with the MFA in full swing. Ideally I'd love to get rid of some of the things I have stashed in my special closet for space reasons. It rally comes from wanting to get as much stuff gone as possible since I want little weighiing me down after I make my move in 2 years.

I don't have anyting concrete where I'm going to go after the masters. Defintley not PHD that's not really my groove. I'm not sure where I'll relocate, but that's not somethign I shoudl sit on. At the same time I can't do anything crazy. 2 years will go by fast, but a lot will happen within that time period. I have 4 places I might belong in, though I htink that part has to do with myself and people then my work. I'm trying to be honest with myself on that part. Almost every place has a few people who like and buy my stuff, but that feeling of being displaced hs always stuck with me for most of my life. It sounds stupid as fuck and something a teenaged shitbag would type out. It's true though, but I can at least not bellyache about it. There's been one instance where that feeling left, but it had little to do with a place. That's another story...

The studio in the MFA is nice. Windows for nice plans, a small bookshelf, and security cameras (finally). I put up pictures of it on my artblog here for anyone curious. If you don't follow my artblog, you might want to as one of the big story projects will be put up there as I draft more of the story. I might even make a tab for the lost M4DNESS: Operation comics I never finished. Those are still on drunkduck (theduckwebcomics now I think) and a few pages from early 2012 I never posted survived. Keep an eye out on that. Keep an eye out on the store, new things may or may not come. (hint new shirt maybe)

Holy shit I think that'll do, goodnight.

ps I wish this blog shit had spellcheck. save some trouble.

:) <3

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